монета высокого качества

 We offer a complete cycle of copies production, such as coins, medals, tokens, badges, pins and other small metal products using cool punching technology.

большая партия изделий полученных методом штамповки

 In manufacturing of goods by punching technology we can use the following metals: aluminum, brass, copper, German silver, nickel silver, iron. We can also help you to choose the metal according to your preferences.

 Only using stamping technology you can get goods in large quantities, with the same repeated forms and with the same quality. There are no defects such as pores, bubbles etc. Stamping is one of the most effective methods to receive a high quality products in large quantities.


 When coining metal becomes stronger, product becomes long-lived. It is the most effective method of receiving equal items. Having a good set of dies, they can be used for producing a huge number of pieces. Stamps are used in light industry, medical and jewelry industry, in heraldry, producing spiritual ecclesiastical subjects, in manufacture of metae, furniture accessories, jewelry tools.

 We can make dies/hubs both embossed and unembossed relief, both positive and negative. Die's/hub's diameter can be 5mm - 50 mm. Our stamps are made of high-strength and wear-resistant steel.

финальный процесс изготовление штампа

 Before we send to a customer a ready to use dies, we try them on our equipment. We insert them to our the press and make some trial pieces. They are guarantee of dies quality. If you do not have needed equipment or enough experience you can trust the deal to us. We can make both dies and ready products using these dies. Be sure all will be in the best possible way.

 We produce modern edging machines for making edge legends of any complexity. We can also arrange to make any edge legends on ready coins, tokens etc.

 We can offer to manufacture "Coin-making fun" (personally minted coin) with complete or partial technological equipment, including coins blanks. This is side-show where everyone can mint his own souvenir coin! This is a show that will make any event memorable: a party, wedding, anniversary, graduation, exhibitions, presentations and other events.

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