- How can I place an order?
You can find information how to place an order with us on the main page. Please read it and fill in the order form. You can also use any other contact method (i.e. phone, e-mail, Skype).
- What is cool punching?
This is a metal pressing, when you receive goods by pressing a blank between die and hub. Items made by cool punching technology are always high-precision. Nowadays you can find more high-precision technologies, but they are too much expensive. Today cool punching is the cheapest way to receive equal metal items.
- Do you manufacture coins, medals, tokens only?
Of course, not. We make badges, pins, tokens, small metal icons, and many other goods. For example, recently we made tokens for one Company to marking their goods. Such tokens can be used for marking doors, furniture and other wooden items. Then, we can make tokens/coins for club-houses or restaurants, tokens/coins for gaming-houses, for shopping malls, etc. We can also offer to manufacture "Coin-making fun" (personally minted coin) with complete or partial technological equipment, including coins blanks.
- Do you deal with permanent customers or they are always different?
Both. Someone needs goods or dies once only, the other ones are repeated customers, we deal with them for ages. In any case we glad to see all Customers!
- What about your competitors?
China is my main competitor. Many companies offer to make goods, but they don't manufacture them themselves. They just reorder in China. I highly recommend to find out about the Companies' facilities before placing an order. Chinese plants are very ecological harmful and unhealthy. Moreover Chinese goods are of poor quality. I had the opportunity to follow the same way, but I decided to find my own way - to make goods of high quality and in short terms. We have complete machines and other tools facilities, we have new and modern or modernized high-precision machines. We have also developed a principle new and modern machine-tool, which makes one of important operation. So, if you need high quality, please welcome!
- What is the reason to make copies? All collectors world over want to have originals!?
Collecting is one of the oldest business. Original items are too much expensive. So we can offer a cheaper way - a high quality copies. The collectors can place them into their collections and they will take a worthy place. Some people become happy. It's great!
- Can customers use your dies/hubs themselves, on their own equipment?
Yes, of course. But please remember - wrong using dies/hubs causes they are to fail. Before you decide to use the die/hub yourself, be sure you have all necessary equipment and trained staff. If you need some skilled consultation or advise, please contact me.
- Who are your customers? Where are they from?
Very-very different. Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Europe and other countries. In other words world over. When the customer's main query is quality, so please welcome to us!