Production and services:
  • Manufacture of forming dies/hubs of any complexity.
  • We offer a full cycle of copies production, such as coins, medals, tokens, badges, pins and other small metal products using cool punching technology.
  • Hub/die making by burning down on electrochemical machine using any conductive metal as a sample and in any steel type.
  • Manufacturing and modernization of any electrochemical machines.
  • Manufacturing of "Coin-making fun" (personally minted coin) with complete or partial technological equipment.
 To place an order, you have to fill in the order form. When ordering you need to take into account the following factors:
  1. Metal of goods. In manufacturing of goods by punching technology we can use metals: aluminum, brass, copper, German silver, nickel silver, iron. We can help you to choose the metal according to your preferences.
  2. Quantity of items. The higher the quantity, the lower the price.
  3. Size of the item. Die's/hub's diameter can be 5mm - 50 mm.
  4. Item sample or attaching file. You can either e-mail us a file, containing photos, outlines, drawings etc. or send us an item sample by post, specifying terms of delivery before.
  5. Additional terms and conditions. Describe the details of the order as much as you can - your wishes, your requirements to the product, your vision of the final product view.
 When the order is ready, we send you its detailed photos. After that you pay the rest of the amount awed in case you used a partial payment. The order can be sent by International Priority Mail or Currier Mailing services, or you can pick up the order directly from us. Unpaid order we store up to six months and then completely rid it of. Claims in this case will not be considered.
 Term of production needs to be discussed in each case.
 Payment is to be made to our bank account. We work on advance payment basis (conditions specifying).